New Apartment / New Start

So you’ve guys asked about me making an amazon wish-list, & usually I’m against it, but seeing how I just moved into my new apartment yesterday & It’s a NEW START for me, these things would help settle me in comfortably!

So I thought I’d make this fun and do this a give and take, so we all get something out of it (;

For each person that buys a HIGHEST priority item will get a CHOICE OF EITHER:

a) 15 minute Q&A Skype call with yours truly, a follow, and a shoutout.

b) a signed copy of my Bel Ami DVD cover, American Lovers Part 3, and a follow and shoutout.

c) a signature piece of clothing from ROADSTRIP or PGGB.

For each person that buys an HIGH Priority will get a CHOICE OF EITHER:

a) signed Project GoGo Boy Postcard with personal message.

b) a shoutout on my Instagram and a Follow.

c) a shoutout on my Twitter and a Follow.

For each person that buys anything off of the list will get a personal thank you and photo of the new item placed in my apartment!


George Alvin (Max Ryder)

New Apartment / New Start via @amazon

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